Gloria Leder, MSW, LCSW, is a non sectarian therapist who has been working in the areas of helping others for over 25 years. She offers a strongly empathic, understanding, reality oriented approach to her services. Over the years of practice she has been certified as a school social worker; student supervisor, mediator for the courts, pyschotherapist. She has worked with women and couples in conflict; with children from ages 3 years old as a consultant to a pre-school/nursery school and with children of all ages together with families, as needed. As a therapist, she has developed and provided schools with the director of a community oriented counseling center. She has most recently developed an expertise in working with eating disorders. On a personal level, she has raised two wonderful children, has gone back to childhood interests of playing piano and is an avid swimmer and follower of yoga.

Her approach is gentle but direct. She is focused, involved and committed to helping individuals and families heal from childhood and adult hurts and struggles. Her goal is always to make life and relationships feel better and for all individuals to be "the best that they can."

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